Uncharted Gets Totally Censored

uncharted-big.jpg Uncharted has guns. And guns shoot people. Shooting people causes people to bleed. Not in Japan, apparently! When played on a Japanese PS3, Uncharted is bloodless. Sure, Japan has done this before with games like Dead Rising and Resistance. It doesn't matter where you bought Uncharted as the game's still bloodless. The origin of the disc does not matter, but rather, the hardware does. Reader Ed explains:

In Resistance one could uncensor the game simply by downloading a Us save file. This does not work for Uncharted however as the save files are not compatible. You will be able to copy the Us save file to your system but the game will not even acknowledge it as it is in a different folder. Simply overwriting the files into a Jp save file results in corrupted data. I am unaware of any way to convert the save data and even then I'm not sure it would add the blood back.

Over at the PlayStation boards, there's a thread on this issue going. Some of the comments are off and incorrect, and Ed does a fantastic job of addressing those concerns in a short YouTube clip he made. That, after the jump.

Things to note: The parental controls are off. The game was purchased at an American retailers, and the hardware is a 60GB Japanese PS3. That, and the game's being censored.


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