Uncharted: The Press Collector's Edition

kotaku_uncharted.jpgOne of the coolest parts of being a member of the gaming press is waking up every morning and getting new copies of pre-release games at your doorstep. Some companies just send you the game disc in a jewel case. Others make the arrival of their game into more of an event.

Take Uncharted: Drake's Fortune as an example. This morning the final review code arrived in a book called The Chronicles of Sir Francis Drake, which opens up to contain a whole wealth of goodies. There's a letter from Nathan Drake, a few pages of diary entries, a soundtrack CD, a remix CD from DJ Shadow, and of course the Blu-Ray disc of the game. It's a well put together package that ties into the game in a meaningful way. Believe me, it's so much better than getting the game disc wrapped in a Hanes XL white t-shirt with the game logo slapped on the front. (You'd be surprised how often this happens). While we aren't yet allowed to post impressions or reviews of the game, I wholeheartedly recommend the press kit. More images of it after the jump.kotaku_drake.jpg kotaku_drake2.jpg


    I would love this.. send it to me, indeed infact I think I know you cant so how bout you send me those fancy headphones... I have sony earplugs at the moment ... I play counter-strike source consistantly and they would be excellent ... !!! I am an avid gamer and visiter of this websightage ? ... kontaku?! yeah that.... ! why hasn't uncharted demo gone up yet it's november 8th !!! IN AMERICA TOO!

    hey do u wanna sell it..i am ready to buy.

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