Uncharted's Non-Pirate ARG

unchartedarg.JPGAnd by non-pirate I mean it's chock full of pirates, but completely free of their colorful sound-offs. Instead this ARG is all about alternate reality gaming—that is, to say, a fancy ad campaign.

If you head over to Sullivan's Stories you will find the ramblings of one of the upcoming PlayStation 3 game's main characters and, more importantly, a link to a Craigslist post showing an old Spanish map.

That's all I know for now, other than the fact that this is supposed to be—supposed to be—one of the hardest ARGs to come down the pipe to date. I just hope there's some sort of pay off at the end. So get to cracking and feel free to use the comments here to discuss your progress... or lack thereof.

Sullivan's Stories


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