Undertow Floods XBLA November 21st

undertowxbla.jpgEvery time I write about Undertow I have to spend a good fifteen minutes giggling over the developer's name. Chair Entertainment (heehee!) has revealed that their Battlefield meets Geometry Wars, Unreal Engine 3 powered shooter is hitting Xbox Live Arcade on November 21st, the day before Thanksgiving. If the game turns out as fun as I hope, I'll spend Turkey Day playing my PSP while the annual familial fight breaks out, wishing I were at home drowning myself in the 15 single player levels or two different 16 player multiplayer modes of Undertow. Lucky for me the other Thanksgiving contest my family participates in is the 'Who can leave the fastest after dinner' competition. The key lies in parking at the curb.

Chair's Undertow Gets Launch Date On XBLA [Gamasutra]


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