Upgrade Your PS3 Hard Drive

Momentus_7200.jpgOne of the neatest features of the Playstation 3, in my book, is that you can swap out the hard drive it comes with yourself using an off-the-shelf hard drive. Sure it may be pretty self-explanatory to some, but not everyone knows how to upgrade the hard drive on their Playstation 3. Fortunately, Seagate was kind enough to send me a little howto guide and kit. The guide walks you through the relatively painless process for upgrading your 40GB or 80GB hard drive to something roomier, like say a 160GB drive.

The upgrade allows you to swap out the built-in drive with a new one, without losing any of your content. Why is Seagate explaining how to upgrade a Playstation 3? Because they sell hard drives silly. Hit the jump for the even-Brian-can-do-it instructions.What you need: An external hard drive for the backup (Seagate suggests their Maxtor OneTouch Mini) A new hard drive (Seagate suggests their Momentus 5400.3 160GB (~$US 120) or a Momentus 7200.2 160GB (~$US 160).) Mini screwdriver

How to do it: Plug in your external drive and reformat it so the PS3 will recognise it. Copy current PS3 hard drive content to your external drive. Remove the standard issue console drive, following the installation instructions in the PS3 manual. Replace the console drive with a the new drive. Format new drive. Plug in external drive and transfer content to the new drive. Play Uncharted.


    It's funny because my neighbour's name is Brian. (OH AND THIS POT.)

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