US and Japanese Cell Phonese Aren't THAT Different

To: Crecente From: Bash

Whew! Today, I spent a good chunk of time at the immigration office, trying to get my permanent resident visa. Hafta go back on Monday. Fun fun fun!

On the way back, I bought a new cell phone. Yes. Finally. Meaning that next year at TGS, I should have a cell phone (unless I accidently leave this one in my jeans and put in the washing machine like the last one). And I bought a foreign cell phone. It was only like $US 40 with the current plan I have. This is the first non-Japanese phone I've own in a long, long time. Differences between this American phone and the Japanese phones? Not much, really! The Japanese phones have really big, beautiful screens. My new phone doesn't have all the bells and whistles that the Japanese phones do — meaning that I can't put electronic money on it or watch digital 1seg TV broadcasts with it. But that's about it, really! It even does things like read QR codes, which I don't think American cell phones in America can do because I don't think there are QR codes.

I really wanted an iPhone. Like pretty bad. But, meh, I'll get their second or third generation one.

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