Use Your Windows Mobile Cell Phone To Host a LAN party

mobileLANparty.jpgLet's face it, not everyone on the planet has access to high speed internet. Some people living out in remote areas just can't get the kinds of service us fancy, city dwelling folk do. Such was the problem for D15AV0W3D over at The Hushed Casket. After exhausting every available resource to get a high speed connection, he thought he was doomed to dial-up for the rest of his life, never being able to catch up with our rapidly changing modern world. But, with some ingenuity and the help of a Samsung i607 Blackjack phone with AT&T's Edge connection he was able to accomplish the seemingly impossible.

After some trial and error, he was eventually able to host a Halloween Halo 3 LAN party at his house with ten Xbox 360s all run through his cell phone's internet connection. I don't pretend to understand all the technical aspects of this amazing feat, so if you wish to learn more, go check out D15AV0W3D's explanation with a little how to guide so you can do this yourself. Ah, the marvels of the modern age...

HowTo: Play on XBOX Live thru your Windows Mobile cell phone [The Hushed Casket]


    Alright, THAT is awesome. One thing I wonder, was the conection any good?

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