Uwe Boll Further Explains Himself To Geoff

Our telegenic guest editor Geoff Keighley was lucky enough to spend some man-to-man time with German director Uwe Boll in the latest Bonus Round, part one of which we showed you earlier this week. In the second part, Geoff tackles the tough questions with Boll. Does Uwe understand the criticism of his work? Is this stuff getting any better? Uwe thinks so. In fact, he goes far enough to compare his movie adaptation of Postal to comedy classics like Monty Python's The Life of Brian and The Naked Gun.

The biggest concession Uwe seems to make about his work in this portion is that plastic surgery disaster Tara Reid "was not optimum actress for Alone In Ze Dark." Ouch. Dogged by Uwe Boll? Poor Tara.


    Yeah, right. So how come I thought BloodRayne sucked even though I never played the games?

    "If somebody says Ultraviolet, or Elektra was better as BloodRayne, I think then you loose it, then you don't... because look at BloodRayne, at least, you have a great cast, with tons of stars, you have a lot of blood, you have sex, you have gore, you have action, but in that movies, you don't have anything..."

    Yep, nothing at all, except for decent writing, acting and directing (not that I think either of those two were cinematic masterpieces, though - it's good to know that he picks his battles well)

    "I hope so, if I make 100 movies 'til I'm 75"

    God I hope not.

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