Vote Green For Tax Breaks?

greens.jpgAustralian game developers want tax breaks. Nothing crazy, just an arrangement similar to what the film and television industry currently enjoys. And definitely not its sloppy seconds.

After the Government told the Game Developers' Association of Australia to talk to the hand, Labor responded with promises of a committee to discuss the issue, if it was elected.

Now, GDAA CEO Tom Crago and Australian Greens' Senator Christine Milne are urging gamers to give the Greens their vote in the upcoming election. In doing so, Milne will do her bit to make the rebate happen. She won't even screw around with a committee, apparently.

For the curious, you can read the Greens' official policy on the matter at GreensBlog, or hit the post from whence it came.

Good news? Look what tax breaks did for Montreal. Just don't mention the mammoth carbon footprint made by your 360, PS3, Wii and PC.

Greens get game [Screen Play, thanks Stephen!]


    I feel like I've opened the Big Book Of British Smiles.
    Seriously, though. Good to see someone paying attention to where the money is these days.

    I would vote for them but it's Kevin 07. It even says that on a TSHirt

    I've a feeling gamers would be more inclined towards Labor's internet policy if gaming actually motivated their votes more then other concerns.

    Goody, then under the Greens we'd see the economy crumble and there'd be no games for anyone

    Anyone who votes for Greens is obviously lacking in mentality.

    I agree with every single post above.

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