Wal-Mart's Awesome Black Friday 360

xbox360arcade.jpgAh, Black Friday. I prepare for the day by scouring countless websites for information, mapping out local retail outlets to make sure I can be in line when each store opens its doors. Then come Friday morning I realise that the gaming deals on Black Friday completely suck and wind up sleeping in, but still. Ah, Black Friday. Take Wal-Mart's big gamer incentive for the shopping holiday. You can get an Xbox Arcade system with five bonus games for the low low price of $US 279.92! That's a savings of $US .08!

Take back what I said, that's a steal! It even comes with five bonus games! Of course, said bonus games are the XBLA titles that come bundled with the package in the first place, but you throw the word bonus in there and parents go crazy buckets all over the place, not knowing how inherently Black Friday sucks for gamers. Thanks Wal-Mart!

Wal-Mart's Black Friday deals [CNN Money - Thanks Doug!]


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