Wanna work on LocoRoco Games?

locorocohelp.jpg Sony's LocoRoco staff has put out a Help Wanted ad on the Sony Computer Entertainment site. The team is gearing up for another PSP game and is looking for a "game planner," which would be something like an associate producer in English. The game planner will be responsible for the nuts and bolts of the operation: Things like, well, game planning, making the scenario, creating artwork and level design. (Sounds like they are looking for a LocoRoco bitch!) You can even apply online! I so bet the final interview has applicants sing that LocoRoco song.

Help Wanted [SECI via Team ICO Gamers via PSP Fanboys]


    The best way for the new employee to replicate the craziness of the LocoRoco series is to have a big jar of Bindeez on his or her desk and some Red Bull. That cocktail should provide the mind bending required to get into a true loco mind space.

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