Weekend Note: We Are Not Robots

To: Ash & Luke From: Flynn Subject: Silent Hill: Origins = Awesome

Ahoy, lads! Hope you both had a great weekend. Maggie had to head off to parts unknown due to some family business so I was all by lonesome taking care of things around here. Not that I mind, I did it for a long time before Maggie came, but you get used to someone else being around and her intellectual articles are a good balance for my free-wheeling stuff.

That said though, I have to register my annoyance with certain commenters who insist on coming in at 3am on a Satuday and saying things like "Must be a slow news day, this same article has been at the top for five hours." I suppose these people think we are some kind of automatons who don't require sleep or food. When my work is done I like to go actually have a life and maybe play some games. Perhaps if any of those people are reading this they will now understand, like the rest of our fine readers already do, that there are actually functioning human beings on the other end of the keyboard. Ok, rant finished.

Some things you may have missed this weekend:

K-mart broke the Mass Effect street date ten days early

Asian Hellgate: London players must say farewell to their characters

Valve is making an "official" plushie Companion Cube

By the way, if you are a Silent Hill fan, I would definitely recommend picking up Origins. I have been playing it at night with the lights off and headphones on and it's quite the terrifying experience for a handheld game. They really did a great job with it.

And with that I take my leave of you. I need to go recharge my batteries, tighten my screws and get an oil change. Holy crap, I really am a robot.


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