Weird ARG Mail Not Welcome

weirdmail.jpgAlice at Wonderland reports on some weird mail she got recently.

Yesterday, I received a package at work, addressed to me. My assistant opened it - a standard brown-paper photographs envelope - and looked worried. The contents were weird and scary-looking: a photocopied military report of some sort with a small brown envelope stapled to it. She looked at me: "ugh! What's in the envelope!? Anthrax?" ... I'm not going to find out: it's going straight in the bin. Nearly gave poor Carys a heart attack, and we both felt compelled to wash our hands after handling this stupid thing.

Having heard from another colleague who got a similar package, she suspects it might be parts of an Alternate Reality Game (ARG) — and one of the comments on Wonderland suggests it might be an ARG for the forthcoming EA title Crysis. As a still-fledgling genre of "big game" with only a few examples that are not promotions (mostly for other videogames!), is this the best way to spread interest in the form?

A strange thing in the post... [Wonderland]


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