What Are You Playing This Weekend?

gh3_ps3_wayptw.jpgThis week went by amazingly fast. I think I can chalk up some of that due to a bout of food poisoning that had me laid up for all of Tuesday, with my dehydrated brain fading in and out of consciousness. But now that it's Friday, the weekend can't come soon enough. I've got an itch to find a spare hour to play some Guitar Hero III. Shame about the total unavailability of the PlayStation 3 version, because I'd really like to get it. After much waffling, I'm now considering picking up the PlayStation 2 port, mostly because of Rock Band's forthcoming downloadable content plans causing me to lose a good deal of interest in Activision and Red Octane's offering. That is, investing in two more guitars for a next-gen version.

I suppose what I'll spend the most time with is more Zack & Wiki, Call of Duty 4 and Half-Life 2: Episode Two. I've also been a bit nutty about Picross DS again. So what are you playing this weekend?


    Plenty of the PS3 version floating around down under :)

    Playing COD4 whenever my girlfriend isn't playing Guitar Hero 3... Waiting for Assasins Creed this week!

    You think looking for a PS3 version of Guitar Hero is bad! I tried 14 different stores today and had no luck finding a Wii version (whereas I saw about 7 of those stores stocking PS3 bundles)

    Now I kinda feel like skipping this game altogether since I dont want to pay $160 AUS for the Wii bundle which will only be in stock after the sales are over, and today was my only oppertunity.

    Gears Of War
    Call Of Duty 4
    Hellgate: London
    Crysis Demo
    Team Fortress 2
    Phantom Hourglass
    Super Mario Galaxy

    There's just such an onslaught of awesome games :(

    Going to be playing Metroid Prime 3 - just getting into it. Killed the big bird thing on the 2nd level that was pretty cool :)

    Guitar Hero 3
    Guitar Hero 3
    And maybe some Guitar Hero 3.

    Seeing no comments in the Australian section makes me sad, so I'll contribute. I finished up Naruto: Rise of a Ninja yesterday (I regret doing so, it was repetetive and boring), now I'm splitting my time between Call of Duty 4 MP and skate. I never thought I'd enjoy a skating game, I haven't touched one since the first Tony Hawks.

    Arghhh my eyes are destroyed.... finishing GHIII in one sitting is definately what rockstars are made of.... Now all i need is some kids to lose custody of and some nose powder and im bigtime!

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