What Are You Playing This Weekend?

zapper_box.jpgI'll be playing some real-life Cooking Mama, as I attempt to bake my first practice pie in anticipation for Thanksgiving. Plans for pumpkin and mince meat (sans meat) are forming, but we'll have to see how this weekend's beta pies turn out. On the gaming side, I'll be playing Super Mario Galaxy, maybe a little Uncharted: Drake's Fortune if I can scare myself up a copy. I'm also expecting a Wii Zapper to show up at some point soon, so I may take Link's Crossbow Training for extended impressions. If only I could fit in Half-Life 2: Episode Two at some point...

So, what's up? What are you playing this weekend?


    Mass Effect!! woo hoo!!!

    Seriously though this game is incredible so far

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