What Is flOwer Anyway?

flower_logo.jpgthatgamecompany's Kelle Santiago spoke at the Montreal International Games Summit, revealing some helpful details about how the developer's follow up to flOw will actually play. flOwer, which made its debut at the Tokyo Game Show in trailer form, will be at least in part a flower raising simulation. If that sounds like your cup of organic chamomile, flOwer is said to "give the player a visceral perspective, surreal and dreamlike" and "to experience a field in a way you couldn't in real life", according to Gamasutra's account of Santiago's talk.

The whole thing promises to grounded in emotion, giving players "possible interactions for playing as the wind." Don't worry, I'm sure she'll be talking about the game's weapon set at a future date and how online deathmatch works not long after that.

MIGS: First Details On flOwer [Gamasutra]


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