What NOT To Say to Girls on Xbox Live (Or Anywhere Else)

bs_angel_as_Cortana_by_Artistpavel.jpg There's a great piece up on Hawty McBloggy listing the top ten things said to female gamers on Xbox Live. The post may be a few months old, but its message still has resonance. I know a lot of girl gamers and upon reading over this list, saw many of the things they say they hear on a regular basis. "Are you playing on your brother's/boyfriend's account?", "Dude. Dude! Are you a girl? Will you be my friend? Dude, accept my friend request! Let's hook up!" and "Shouldn't you be playing Barbie Horse Adventures?" are just a few of the ever so clever quips these online idiots think are their best material. Writer BS Angel sums it up best:

It doesn't take you long to realise that the majority of jerks on Live are not the most creative of people. You tend to hear the same comments over and over and often times verbatim. Each person thinks they are the first person ever to say that. Yes, you are that smart and original. And by smart and original I mean you are the one millionth dumb arse to say that to me.

Nicely put. I can sympathise with Hawty and her female gaming sisterhood although when people find out you're gay and playing on Live, the list goes from ten most heard comments to one. Anyone want to venture a guess what that one is?

So if you're one of these guys on Live that feels the need to exclaim amazement every time you meet a girl who plays as well, take a look at this list before you open your trap. You might save yourself some embarrassment.

Top 10 Things Female Gamers Hear on Xbox Live [Hawty McBloggy] [via: Digg]


    I find it's easier for my GF not to use the microphone for FPS games like TF2. Otherwise she's treated a little bit differently then a regular gamer.

    Then again, if your like her friend who plays WoW you could play up your female gender and get free stuff.

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