What Suda51 Did On His Trip To Michigan

michigan.jpg The folks at Japanese developer Grasshopper Manufacture (Killer7, No More Heroes), headed by Suda51, have an enduringly pop culture trashy angle on game development - targeting Star Wars geeks and gravure fans ahead of the Japanese release of the Wii-exclusive No More Heroes, for starters.

But a lot of Western audiences are less aware of the pop culture-infused oddness of Suda51's earlier PlayStation 2 title Michigan - which echoes many of the voyeuristic elements in other Grasshopper titles, and is the subject of a handy new overview by Insomnia.ac.

As the site explains of the PS2 title, which got an obscure European release via 505 Games, you play a news camera-man in an American town ('Chicago, Michigan' apparently), and "...whilst the real meat of the game involves simple lock and key puzzles to progress from area to area, points are awarded on each shoot [for the player filming in one of]three categories: suspense, immoral and erotic." Blimey.

'Michigan' Game Impressions [Insomnia.ac]


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