What To Expect From The New PSP Slim Battery Pack

pspnewbatt1.jpgThe PSP's new battery pack looks swell, but how's it all actually perform? How much battery life can we expect? How gaudy will a tumorous bulge on our PSP's posterior make it appear to passers-by and fellow public transport commuters? No idea. Thing's not out yet. But we can hazard a guess, using existing gear.

The battery in the new pack sounds a lot like a repackaging (or at least only a minor improvement) of the larger-capacity battery released for the old PSP. So you can throw one of those in there. And the covers are already being sold by third-parties, so you can get one of them, see how it looks. The results? As far as the bulge goes, not too bad! But wait til you see the battery life.

pspnewbatt2.jpg Yikes. And this guy's using a standard fat PSP battery. So you can expect even more from the battery in the new pack. Set course for good times island, PSP fans. DealExtreme PSP battery cover review [PlayStation Boards, via PSP Fanboy]


    Welcome psp players to ds play times.

    Is there still a battle between psp and ds these days? I used to go to LAN parties where people would sneer at my DS and praise the PSP.

    I've yet to see my PSP run out of battery life, charging it in the morning before I goto work, it usually gets half an hour on the train and 1-2 hours in bed that night before the sandman comes... if they can create a battery that is the same size as the PSP lite's with a longer battery life then I'd snap that up but if I'm buying a battery that makes my lite a fatty... then no thanks.

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