What's In PGR4's Title Update?

pgr4badge.jpgPGR4 is getting a title update tomorrow. What's inside? Oh, just four new multiplayer tournaments. Daily Tournaments run between Monday and Friday, and are open to the fastest 640 players. Super Saturdays run on...Saturdays, and are open to the fastest 2560 qualifiers. Simulation Sundays run on Shabbas, and are a little tougher (day of rest my ass): you can only use the in-car view, and you can only drive manual. Only 64 players can qualify for these. Finally, the Global Cup will be run twice a month, each run taking two weeks to complete. Fastest 512 qualify for this, with the winners having their gamertags displayed on PGRNations. And that's it. No cash or prizes, you're going to have to make do with the sweet taste of victory and/or the salty taste of your opponents tears. [Gamerscore Press Release]


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