What's The Inspiration Behind Kane & Lynch?

kanelynchgirl.jpgYou see Kane & Lynch, you think "what was the inspiration behind this?", you then assume it's a Michael Mann fantasy land transformed into interactive entertainment. It's what we thought, anyways. Turns out we're only partially correct. Sure, badass movies played their part (as did the Hitman games), but so too did real, crummy people:

We've also spent what feels like a lifetime listening to drunk people at bars - you'd be surprised what lives some of these people have led. Or at least what stories they come up with to cover it up. We wanted to create characters that are real. We've all seen and played our share of immortal action heroes. We wanted to get a couple of guys with some proper problems centered around themselves. No saving the world or anything. It helps if they´re a little older. They know that they´re not immortal and they know they don´t get a second chance.

So next time (or...first time) you're playing the game and imagining a suit-wearing De Niro looking very stern, try instead to think of the drunks down the local pub. Or Norm from Cheers. Bet he can get real mean when he gets his drink on. "We've spent a lifetime talking to drunk people at bars". I/O Interactive reveal the REAL inspiration behind Kane & Lynch [The Guardian]


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