Which Controls Are Intrinsic?

DSCF9563.JPG To: Ian From: Bashcraft RE: Yelling in NYC

Yup, you are looking at a $US 150 humidifier. Today, Mrs. Bashcraft went humidifier with her friends — who also bought humidifiers. They all got different colors. We got beige. I'm happy with beige. Though, I didn't know getting a humidifier would be such an event.

The humidifier was designed by Naoto Fukasawa. He's a really famous Japanese designer with some really interesting ideas about design. Things like objects would fulfil natural functions, and that we have all have natural interactions with objects. So for example, if you don't have a table per se, you'd create a table-like object. Maybe use a box or something. His designs try to find that natural interaction.

That concept has got me thinking recently: What is the natural input for gaming? Is it a traditional joystick or d-pad style device with buttons or the more recent motion style controls? It's very interesting to watch my son who's grown up with the Wii. He tries to turn the Xbox 360 controller for Ridge Racer, thinking there are motion controls. But while using the Wii-mote for Super Mario Galaxy, he doesn't get the controls at all (which I think are quite intuitive). Is it one or the other or somewhere in between like the SIXAXIS?

Another question: Humidifiers don't fuck up electronics, do they?

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