Which Cube Games Would Have Worked Better On Wii?

byelink.jpgInteresting feature up on Next-Gen exploring which GameCube games could/would have worked better on Wii. After all, most Cube games didn't sell too well, and titles like Res 4 are showing that a rebirth on the Wii can do wonders to a game's sales tally. So what's their list look like? Predictable. But also...reassuring. Animal Crossing, Wind Waker, Pikmin, Super Monkey Ball...all solid choices, but what about Mario Kart? Actually throwing the bananas might have given the gunner something to do. Or Geist? Could have put some decent Wii controls in there, people might actually have remembered it. Same goes for Harvest Moon. I could go on all night, but they did put Wind Waker in, and that's enough to keep me happy. FEATURE: The Wii that Wasn't [Next-Gen]


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