Which Dynasty Warriors is Better: PS3 or 360?

dynastywarriorscomparison.jpg So Dynasty Warriors 6 hit Japanese PS3s and Xbox 360s. People have really been really been looking forward to this game! But which version is better? Side-by-side comparison time! For the game's movie scenes, the PS3 version is clearer, and things like hair and skin are crisper. Also, the PS3 rendered clouds aren't as blocky. What's more, the Xbox 360 version loads slightly slower than the PS3 version. In-game battle footage (above) looks roughly the same; however, the Xbox 360 does render the night stages a little "darker." The So, there are differences! Small ones. Hit the link below for more images.

Dynasty Warriors 6 Compared Compared with HDMI [Hiruinaki Coin Ikkoireru]


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