Whole Bunch Of Euro/Aussie Wii Games Delayed

theforgotten.jpgPAL gamers will know that, contrary to popular belief, Christmas is rarely a time of cheer. No, January-April is normally a time of cheer, since that's when most of the big Christmas games delayed for the European and Australian markets actually turn up. Case in point: Zack & Wiki has been delayed until 2008. In both Europe and Australia. No reason given. And Nintendo Australia have announced that Battalion Wars 2, Endless Ocean, Barrel Blast and Fire Emblem have also been delayed until next year. Can you take that much disappointment all at once, PAL gamers? Course you can. You've taken it before, and will take it again before the year is out. Nintendo Australia confirms Zack & Wiki delay [Aussie-Nintendo]


    Apart from Fire Emblem I wasn't even thinking of buying any of those games, so no loss to me

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