Why Don't Games Come In Smaller Portions?

itunez.jpg Over at FreeToPlay.biz, Relic Labs' Adrian Crook, who heads a division of the Company Of Heroes creator looking at casual-styled 'online worlds', has been examining how the music industry's and the game industry's business models differ - and has spotted something thought-provoking.

He notes: "The iTunes model hasn't been applied to games yet", and goes on to comment:

We're still out there trying to get people to buy the whole album, rather than just the tracks they want. Services like Steam and episodic games like Sam and Max are great steps forward for the industry, but neither one allows consumers to instantly purchase and enjoy only the portions of the game they desire, like iTunes did for music.

So, what of this idea? Crook suggests, as an alternative "a capped micro licence based on which games [users]play and for how long" - but what options short of buying the whole game do you want to see?

Games Trail Music in iTunes style Revenue Model [FreeToPlay.biz]


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