Wii Catz 2 Is An Adventure!

Why do I own Catz 2 for the Wii? Because I was so disappointed by the gameplay of Kane & Lynch: Dead Men that I traded it in for Ubisoft's Catz 2 just to spite it. Seriously - that's how I roll, yo. I figured my roommate would get a kick out of it, and I do have a certain fondness for cats myself, so I brought it home last Thursday to start raising kittens that I could visibly treat better when my own real cats were bad. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that Catz 2 for the Wii isn't a pet sim, but an adventure game, complete with shops, quests, and a villain so diabolic he ranks right up there with the best Final Fantasy has to offer. Witness as our hero, Rufus, embarks on a journey of high adventure in this (poorly edited) clip of the game in action!


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