Wii, DS Reclaim Hardware Lead, PS3 Takes Up Rear

Wii, DS Reclaim Hardware Lead, PS3 Takes Up Rear

wii_npd_oct.jpgThe NPD Group today revealed its findings for U.S. hardware and software retail sales for the month of October, following a brief scare that led us to believe that NPD would no longer provide precious, life-giving hardware figures. Last month, Microsoft’s Xbox 360 pushed its way to number one, boosted by strong Halo 3 sales. For the month of October, however, Nintendo’s Wii surges past the 360, with the PlayStation brand resting uncomfortably in the lower half of the chart. Next month, we’ll know tangibly how successful Sony’s recent price drop for the PlayStation 3 was, as it went into effect on November 2nd.

Monthly sales follow, with more hardware numbers after the jump.

  • Wii – 519,000
  • Nintendo DS – 458,000
  • Xbox 360 – 366,000
  • PSP – 286,000
  • PlayStation 2 – 184,000
  • PlayStation 3 – 121,000

Total video game hardware sales reached $US469.7 million for the month of October 2007, compared to $US207.1 million for the year prior. That 127% increase can largely be attributed to the higher cost and availability of the latest hardware generation, specifically the Wii and PlayStation 3.

Of that $469.7 million, $349.6 million was spent on console hardware and $120.1 million was earmarked for portable hardware. All numbers were up considerably over the year prior as more consumers made the transition to new platforms.

In addition to all that impressive spending, some $130 million worth of accessories were purchase by gamers in the U.S.

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