Wii Online Gets Serious (Seems Complicated)

wiilegoman.jpg As previously announced, Nintendo is going to step up its online presence in Japan. Telecom company NTT is going to help promote broadband service via the Nintendo Wii. NTT is planning to offer a cut-rate broadband sign up deal that provides online access as well as on-site set-up for Wii users. That's right, if you cannot figure out how to connect your Wii to the internet after signing up, a NTT employee will do it for you. There will also be call centres which will field calls specifically related to the Wii's internet connection. Says NTT East Senior exec Tetsuo Koga:

I hope our fiber-optic service becomes as popular as the Wii," NTT East Senior Executive Vice President Tetsuo Koga told a news conference. I think we have won a powerful ally to hit our target to boost fiber-optic subscribers to 20 million by the year ending March 2011.

Am I missing something is or does this make it seem like it unnecessarily difficult to connect the Wii to the internet? Doesn't that go against the entire anyone-can-do-it philosophy that the Wii is built on? Wii Online Serious [Reuters via Image]


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