Will Burning Rangers Return? Sonic Team Shrugs

burning_rangers_sequel.jpgWith NiGHTS into Dreams finally getting a Wii-bound sequel and a surprise remake for the PlayStation 2, what else does Sonic Team have planned? Gearbox Software is already hard at work on a Samba de Amigo follow up and no one actually cares if that furry Billy Hatcher ever shows his face again. But what about Burning Rangers, one of the Saturn's finest technical achievements?

Sonic Team USA Takashi Iizuka told Games Radar, "I hear there is a lot of demand for a sequel, to bring out Burning Rangers on Wii so... we'll see." If you could, that'd be just great. We certainly don't want you working on another Shadow the Hedgehog game, OK?

NiGHTS team prefer Gamecube pad to Wii-mote [Games Radar]


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