Will Casual Gaming Hurt Hardcore Gaming?

cvh.png Over at GoNintendo, they're running a two-week long feature called "Casual v. Hardcore: Opinions of the Gaming Industry." The question put forth was: "Is casual gaming a threat to hardcore gaming or will it help it in the long run?" My response:

What does hardcore gaming mean? Do we have a similar term for books? Do people say, "He's a hardcore reader"? I guess they'd say so-and-so is a bookworm. But "hardcore"? It's such a severe term. If games are going to be a truly dominate form of entertainment, they need to be approachable. Approachable doesn't mean a lesser game experience in any way, but rather, a streamlined one. That should actually help gaming!

I think what people are worried about is dumbed down gaming. Like that casual players will need some pandering. If developers are smart, they'll make things more intuitive, rather than dumber. That way they can appease new and experienced players.

Blah, blah, blah. That's my nickel and dime opinion. What's yours? Hit us up in the comments section. That's what it's there for, you know.

Casual Vs. Hardcore [Go Nintendo]


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