Willis And Thornton For Kane And Lynch?

klbobwillis.jpgNow that Kane & Lynch is finally upon us, we can move our attention towards different things, such as the forthcoming Kane & Lynch movie. The Times Online reports that two stars are already under consideration.

Bruce Willis and Billy Bob Thornton are said to be in the running to play Kane and Lynch, two escapees from death row - one "a flawed mercenary", the other "a medicated psychopath". The game is due for release next Friday.

I'd daresay that this would be the most appropriate video game movie casting since they got Billy Bob's ex-wife to strap on guns for Tomb Raider - another Eidos game incidentally. If the two ended up working together on this film, it could be the first time a video game movie was more enjoyable than the game itself.

Hollywood pounces on Lara Croft successor [Times Online]


    I am so keyed up for this game now. Me and my brother have been waiting for a good co-op game for so long. I mean Left4Dead should be great, but this should be excellent as well.

    My only hesitation is wanting to play from a first-person perspective, yet it will be a third person view. I can like with that for some good co-op action.

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