World Of Warcraft Comic Issue 0 Now Online.

wowissue0_cover.jpg If you're itching to get a glimpse at the new World of Warcraft comic book, your dreams have come true. MTV Multiplayer has gotten exclusive access to the six page Issue #0 and is proudly displaying it on their website for all to see. If you are worried about the comic remaining true to the game, writer Walter Simonson says you have nothing to fear, in fact you might even discover some new secrets.

If you're a longtime player, I think the comic is a revelation about some of the mysteries. There are mysteries from the past that have never been totally addressed within the game, or at least we're able to address them in the comic in a way that the game hasn't been able to. ... If you know 'Warcraft,' I'm hoping it will be really cool to find this stuff out.

This particular issue is only available online, but the paper and ink one that you can actually hold in your hand will be available in stores this week.

EXCLUSIVE: Read 'World of Warcraft' Issue #0 Right Here [via Joystiq]


    Woah, I see that picture and all I can think of is chafing.

    Can't wait for the limited-ed "Goldfarmers of Azeroth" issue.

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