WoW Population Hits 9.3 million

roflmao.jpgVivendi have announced their most recent set of financial results, covering Q3. Sales were up 19% to $US315.2 million. Which is what happens when you own World of Warcraft. Speaking of WoW, they also announced that the game's subscriber base has just hit 9.3 million. To recap, that's 9.3 million subscribers. Which works out at a pinch over 3 million per year. Let's put that in perspective, shall we? Yes. Let's. For those big on demographics, 9.3 million makes Azeroth the 88th most populous nation on Earth. Which means more people have ground out levels and griefed total strangers dressed as Elves than draw breath in Sweden, Austria, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Ireland or...New Zealand. Vivendi Q3 Sales Up 19%, WoW Userbase Hits 9.3m [Gamasutra]


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