Wrap-o-matic: Monday Night

Man Makes C&C: Red Alert Tesla Coil, Electrocutes Things
It’s all fun and games until someone takes 1,000,000 volts to the nads.

Rock Band Goes Gold
This would be awesome news, if it weren’t for the fact we won’t be seeing it until next year. Can you say “shaft”?

James Bond Addicted To Gaming
I wouldn’t go so far as to describe him as “addicted”, but he’s definitely on our side.

Time Crisis 4 Screens
Ohh. Ahh. Time Crisis 4. Pick up you light gun and start shooting those imaginary baddies.

THQ Picks Up Homeworld Rights
Homeworld 2 wasn’t that good, but when it turned out to be the last game in the series, I was devastated. Here’s hoping THQ runs with it.


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