Wrap-o-matic: Over The Weekend

Melbourne was great. It’s a city you can’t help but like.

With eGames and Game Connect pounding along like a pair of horny gorillas, there was plenty to keep me, uh, occupied. Got a little rainy on the Sunday, but I managed to duck between the water drops and do busywork.

I’ll be posting content from the events over the next few weeks, so watch this space.

Playstation Universe PS3 Themes
Sure, the background changes colour every month, but it’s about time you added a bit of “crap-your-pants” scariness to your PS3.

Zelda II Commercial
Makes you glad visuals have improved to the stage where we don’t have to put up with this silly stuff.

Infinity Ward Planning COD4 360 Update
What? You thought Infinity Ward was going to abandon the game? Of course not. Well, not on the 360 at least.

Kotaku Originals: From Mario Galaxy to Super Computers
You call this a wrap-up? Then you really need to see Kotaku Originals. You really do.


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