Wrap-o-matic: Thursday Night

PS3 Firmware 2.0 Interface Video
Just in case you don’t own a PS3. Then again, why would you want to see this if that’s the case?

From Drawing Board To WiiWare
An inside look at Pop, the first Western Wii Ware game. It’s Australian too!

Call Of Duty 4 Mobile
I struggle to understand why people would choose a console over a PC for playing an FPS, so this is just insanity.

Lei Fang Statue Lacks Graceful Pose
Oh dear.

Atari Inch Closer To The Grave
US$ 11 million is a lot of money to lose, especially if you’re not making any.

Gears Of War PC Has A Problem (Here’s How You Fix It)
Game won’t update? Your solution awaits.


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