Wrap-o-matic: Thursday Night

MGS4 Needs To Sell Over A Million On Day One
One million? On the first day? A tall order, yes, but not impossible.

Blacksite Designer Blames Himself
If there’s one way to make sure your game doesn’t sell, this is it.

New Zealand Cop Blames Families, Religion For Violent Youth Crime
Ah, New Zealand. I love you, but this is just silly. Stop it now, please.

Zero Punctuation Scares Up F.E.A.R. Expansion
The fast-talking Yahtzee dispenses some verbal justice against Sierra’s slow-mo FPS.

Australian Sales Charts
What games are you buying Australia? Click and find out.

Dumb Exec Quote Round-Up Rodeo
You’ll laugh at each and every one, I swear.


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