Wrap-o-matic: Wednesday Night

Resistance Patch Arrives, Adds Full DualShock 3 Fun
Dualshock 3 for Resistance. That’s cool… but will it make you play through the game again? Unlikely.

Pumpkin Roundup!!!
Orange vegetables have never been so much fun.

Zero Punctuation Takes MOH Airborne, And US
Why would ZP sleep when there are games to take the piss out of?

PS3 Pushes Folding@Home to World Record
PS3s create new SkyNet. Still no cure for cancer.

That’s right, Australia. Bet you never thought …
TMNT on Xbox Live. Right now. Get it. Right now.

MGS4 Delayed for “Even Greater Enjoyment for More Customers”
The wait has been extended to Q2 2008. Hey, it’s only… six or so months.


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