XBLA Sensible World Of Soccer Dated

sensiblesoccer.jpgMerry Christmas, old-school soccer gaming fans! A post over at the Codemasters Community Forums has confirmed that the remake of the classic Amiga (now there's a machine) sports title, announced way back in September of 2006, will be hitting Xbox Live Arcade on the 19th of December, just in time for the long holiday. The game features both a classic mode as well as an enhanced, prettier version, along with online multiplayer that has fans of the original quietly doing unnatural things to themselves in anticipation. For me, SWOS marks the sweet spot of soccer video gaming, with just enough soccer to be recognisable without all the complicated bits from later footie games that confuse my poor American mind. In short, hooray!

SWOS on XBLA: 19th December *CONFIRMED* [Codemasters Community Forums via CVG]


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