Xbox 360 Bundle Sells Out Right Here, Folks

xboxsoldoutosaka.jpg Keep in mind that this is one store in one enormous Japanese city. Onward! French DSliteblog takes a break from its regular DS postings to bring word that retailer Yamada Denki in south Osaka has sold out of the limited edition ¥34,800 ($US 302) bundle. The tag on the glass case says "kanbai shimashita," and that means SOLD OUT as of yesterday. (The bundle went on sale November 1.) Besides the console, the pack also includes copies of Forza Motorsport 2 and Viva Piñata. A slight, slight, slight glimmer of hope for Micrsoft's chances in The Land of the Rising Sun. Gotta favor: Can somebody check and see if hell has frozen over? Thanks.

Une Photo Incroyable [DSliteblog]


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