Xbox 360 Parental Timer Confirmed?

egg_timer.jpgRecent news via fan site Xbox Today lends more credibility to rumours that Microsoft will be including a "parental timer" feature in its next Xbox 360 firmware update. Crecente dropped word of the new restriction feature back in September, but details from Microsoft have been scarce. A TeamXbox forumite, however, found unofficial confirmation of the parental timer in a Guitar Hero III keychain, of all places, which came packaged with an informative pamphlet (the best kind). The feature is said to allow parents to "manage [time]in daily or weekly increments" and be ready for a December 2007 launch. I expect the new feature to lead to even more abusive demands for chocolate milk from mum while playing Halo 3 online and epithets delivered with speedy efficiency.

Report: Xbox 360 Parental Timer Is A Go [Xbox Today] Xbox 360 Fall Update to Bring Parental Timer [Kotaku]


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