Xbox Originals Are Achievement Free

achievement_successory.jpgMicrosoft blogger Larry Hryb takes no delight in crushing fan dreams today with an update on the recently announced plan to release original Xbox games via Xbox Live Marketplace. Apparently, some were speculating that the company would go the extra mile for the 1200 MS Point releases, adding Achievements and Gamer Score to games like Halo, Fable, Psychonauts and Crimson Skies. Sadly, Mr. Hryb writes that adding such a feature would be technically impossible for the older titles, even adding a little frowning emoticon to illustrate the seriousness of the matter.

I'm sure that Microsoft—and many third parties—would love to add these options to older Xbox re-releases. The cash revenue from achievement whores could make even Psychonauts finally turn a healthy profit.

Will Xbox Originals have Achievements? [Microsoft]


    I can see the wish to have achievements, but M$ is basically rolling this out as quick as it can, and doesnt really want to go back and rework code to add achievements.

    It comes down to dollars and time

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