Yes, The Uncharted Demo Is Region Locked

Yes, The Uncharted Demo Is Region Locked

uncharted_lock.jpgIf you’re in the PAL or Asian territories, you may have discovered that your 1.2GB download of the brand new Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune demo won’t @!#[email protected]!ing play on your PlayStation 3. It’s not a bug, despite it’s somewhat awkward behavior. It’s intentional. Yes, the Uncharted demo is sadly region specific and won’t play on anything but a North American PS3. It’s the kind of slap in the face that hurts so much worse after a 1200MB wait in line.

We contacted Sony Computer Entertainment America who confirmed that the US version “does not allow for cross-region play” and that “the Japanese and PAL demo will both be released soon, but we don’t have confirmed release dates.” Unfortunately, the delay in the non-North American enjoyment of the Naughty Dog adventure can simply be chalked up to Uncharted‘s release date in its respective territories. Cold comfort, I know.

Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune Demo Busted? [Kotaku AU]


  • This REALLY sucks. Again, now they are going out of their way to piss european and aussie owners off.

    Why the hate towards your customers sony?

  • About par for the fricken course. I would like news like this delivered with KY, at least then it would be more comfortable.. Even if we are still getting fucked.

  • I wouldn’t mind if sony would fucking update all the servers around the same time so we could all play it, but having to wait 2 or 3 weeks until everyone outside of Amercia can play it? its just not on! Why should American PS3 gamers get everything first? what makes them so more god damn important than everyone else!
    Like the other guy said, if they start doing it with every new demo I’m gunna be pissed!
    Sony will probably say “It’s because we can’t cope with everyone accessing the american server” as to why they region locked it. If they made demos available to everyone around the same time they wouldn’t have this problem! arrgghh!! lol

    rant over 🙂

  • Thought PS3 was supposed to be region free? Ahhh more lies from Sony. O well back to piracy I guess, fuck you Sony. Region locking DEMOS? WTF? They can get fucked big time.

  • This shit makes me want to go out and buy an Xbox360, “region-lock on demos” great, freakin great… I mean Europe gets demos weeks later because of language issues and all, but come on, don’t you guys think they may be Americans leaving in Europe, or english-speaking Europeans for that matter…?

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