Ys I & II, Rolling Thunder 2 Due For Wii Virtual Console

ys_book_iandii.jpgTwo more candidates for the Wii Virtual Console service have been rated by the ESRB, typically a good indicator that these games are coming to North America, possibly within the next few weeks. First up is Ys Book I & II, the role-playing game collection released for the Turbografx-CD containing both Ys I: Ancient Ys Vanished and Ys II: Ancient Ys Vanished - The Final Chapter. Both feature fantastic art direction, primitive graphics.

Also rated was the Genesis version of Rolling Thunder 2, which ups the side-scrolling shooter classic with a second secret agent and a hefty pair of boobs. Gameplay was an afterthought. While neither are dated nor confirmed by their respective publishers, expect them in a future update.

ESRB Game Ratings


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