Zack & Wiki Ain't For Dummies

zwbanner.jpg Zack & Wiki is a great game. And no one is buying it. Well, not no one, but not many people are! The game is posting shockingly low sales numbers. Could that be because the game makes people think? Or is it just that people are interested in the title? The game is challenging, but in a satisfying way. Capcom producer Hironobu Takeshita explains:

There are puzzles where, if you don't look properly at the hints in the start, you're going to be in trouble. All the answers that you need to solve the puzzles are there on the screen. There are some people who say they don't understand the puzzles, but really, they're not paying enough attention.

Hope poor Zack & Wiki sales doesn't mean Capcom is giving up on games where you hafta use your noodle!

Interview [Game|Life, Thanks Rox!]


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