Zelda, Nintendogs DS Bundles Not For UK, Australia

dsbundlegold.jpgThose new DS bundles sure are nice. Especially the Zelda one. It's especially nice. All the more pity, then, that Nintendo fans and DS collectors in the UK and Australia will be forced to import them, with both Nintendo branches stating they have no plans to introduce the consoles. Yeah, there's always the chance those plans may come later, but PAL gaming breeds nothing if not pessimism.


    Honestly, I was expecting nothing less. I've still got my precious DS Phat, but seeing this made me think about updating to a Lite *and* getting Phantom Hourglass at the same time.

    I think I'll spend the money on my PC instead.

    Oh yeah, Nintendo! Harder! That's it! Now with the whip! Yes! Yes!
    At first I thought it was Stockholm Syndrome, but now I really think I'm just a masochist, licking Nintendo's PVC boot while it's firmly planted on Australia's chest.
    Yes, I'm upset and not making much sense.

    Erg, even though I already have a DS and I haven't used it in about a year, I'd probably get that for the sake of having a Zelda DS.

    This is suprising because? EU is already bottom of the barrel... and AU being the very bottom of said bottom of bucket..so umm my point is..

    Yey for the bottom! xD

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