2007 Was Only Britain's Biggest Year Ever

proms.jpgForget 1066. Forget 1966. 2007 was Britain's biggest year ever, because when it comes to measuring the greatness of things, you better believe we base it all on videogames sales. Console game sales in 2006 were 8.52 million; in 2007 they're estimated to be 11.33 million. Console hardware sales in 2006 were...well, it's ChartTrack, they're being stingy with their info, but the meat of it all is that revenue for the year was up a whopping 25%. Good times in Britain, then, but just think about next year. The PS3 starting to pick up steam, Microsoft targeting Europe for higher 360 sales, NintendoMANIA showing no signs of abating...shit might just get a little crazy.
UK 2007 games sales smash all records [MCV][Image: BBC]


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