20th Century Fox. Dear, Mr Akira Toriyama.

ak48oiix.jpg We want to help. Really. Whether it be answering your questions or ignoring them, we're here. Previously, we got an email from Kojima, but since we'd fired him long ago, we were never able to reply. Reader Oummada sent us the following email not once, but twice. It reads:

To: Bashcraft From: Oummada H. RE: Scoop Dragon Ball Z live action movie (casting)

20th Century Fox

My name is Oummada H., I'm writting this letter to let you know, that I went to play in the Dragon Ball Z movies. First of all, because I have what it takes to play the role of Sangoku in your movie. I have never palyed in a movie, but everyone needs to start somewhere. Second of all, you can see on the pictures, that I have joined to this letter, that I have the same haircut as Sangoku and we all know that Sangoku's hair is the power. Third of all, I know everyting on Dragon Ball's Z universe, except the personel view of Akira Toriyama. To conclude, I have a twin brother that looks just like me. I hope your will read this letter and see my pictures and realise that I am the real Sangoku.

Dear, Mr Akira Toriyama.

My name is Oummada H. and I think that I could play the role of Sangoku in Dragon Ball Z for 20th Century Fox, who bought the rights of the movies. As you can see on my pictures, from my personel view, I look just like Sangoku. I'm sure by seeing those pictures, you'll be shocked by the resemblance of Sangoku and I. I also have a twin brother that looks just like me, I think you know where I want to come to thank you, for taking the time to read my letter.

for contact my: (his email address - Ed.)

Pics of this casting hopeful after the jump.ima%20%28148%29.jpg

He's a Spurs fan.


And an Expos fan. He smokes, too. In case 20th Century Fox and Akira Toriyama are interested, we also have pics of Oummada next to a plant, sitting on a bench and with his dog.


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