2D Games Are Harder To Make Than 3D Ones

qfg.jpgGet that smirk off your face. While you might think that 2D graphics, being old and mouldy, are easier to cobble together than fancy new 3D graphics, you're missing an important point. One Marvellous Interactive's Yoshifumi Hashimoto is only to happy to point out to you:

It's harder now to make 2D-graphics games. Before, everything was 2D, so you had enough people who were actually specialised in making 2D characters. But now, everything is 3D. So now, to find a good team that can make 2D games, even if you have better technology and more RAM or whatever, it's really hard now.

See? All the RAM and teraflops in the world can't replace a few artists with a keen eye and a deft touch.



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